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Harness Financial Institutions

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Keeping your card front of wallet

Today, your cardholders want greater flexibility over their finances. To be able to automate savings. To donate to the causes they believe in. To invest in their future. 

With Harness, you allow your cardholders to configure their payments their way. And because every swipe helps get them closer to their financial goals, they’re incentivized to reach for your card more often.

Adding purpose to payments

More and more, spending behavior is driven by environmental, social and governance factors. By implementing our ESG solutions, you create a shared purpose with your customers, helping to build better relationships and encourage card spend.

Instant integration with your cards

Our technology seamlessly integrates with your existing cards and any reward programs you offer. That means no costly downtime or reissuing of cards – just offering more value for your cardholders.

Connected for growth

Thanks to our partnerships with leading card networks like Visa and Mastercard, Harness can be adopted by issuers around the world. And it’s not just credit cards – because our solutions are entirely cardholder-funded, they integrate just as easily with debit cards.

Over 1,000 partners worldwide
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Harness Financial Institutions

A few of our partners:

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Delivering best-in-class service for your cardholders

Once you’ve joined, you’re part of Harness’ global payments network. That means you’re connected with hundreds of fintechs, merchants and social causes around the world.

And to ensure your cardholders get best-in-class service across such a broad range of services, we partner with leading providers in each sector we operate in.

Future-proofing your organization

Keeping up with new technologies – think cryptocurrencies, NFTs – takes a lot of time and energy that most financial institutions can’t simply don’t have. With Harness, you have access to cutting-edge solutions purpose-built to meet the “next big thing” – and maximize it for your organization.

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