At Harness, we build tools and infrastructure to connect Payments to Purpose. We work with thousands of companies to make it easy for millions of people to program their payment cards to “do more with every payment.”

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Our Founders: Miraj Patel and Andrew Scarborough

A cause worth fighting for

From the outset, we’ve been unswervingly dedicated to creating meaningful change in the world. Since then, we’ve seen first-hand how the power of payments can make a positive impact – from unlocking life-saving fundraising for nonprofit organizations to fostering closer customer relationships for card issuers.

Playing our part in the Purpose Economy

In 2017, the nonprofit sector lagged far behind for-profit organizations in innovation. They simply didn’t have the budgets or time to put into technologies that may not have paid off in the long run. That’s where we came in.

As passionate advocates of the purpose economy, we believe in taking care of those who take care of others. And by developing award-winning solutions that reorient nonprofit organizations from one-time revenue generation models to long-term recurring giving models, we’ve helped over 1,000 nonprofits build healthier, more sustainable revenue streams.

Making payments count for card issuers

Along with empowering our nonprofit partners, our technology is also used by card issuers around the world to strengthen their customer relationships. By enabling their cardholders to contribute to causes they care about or achieve their own financial goals, Harness helps card issuers deliver better service to their cardholders, driving spend and increasing customer retention.

Harnessing payments for good

At one level, Harness develops richer connections between nonprofit organizations and their supporters and card issuers and their cardholders – but our true legacy is much deeper. By making it easier and more convenient for cardholders to give, we empower nonprofits to do more. To reach further. To create meaningful change in the world.

To us, that’s a cause worth fighting for.

  • 1000sThousands of network partners

  • 8bn+Applications available on over 8 billion credit and debit cards

  • 100sHundreds of millions of transactions harnessed


Heart and soul

Harness is more than a business – it’s a mission. And because we believe in what we do, we put our heart and soul into every task. Together, we’ll achieve incredible things.



Constantly evolving

Because our partners’ needs are ever-changing, we continue to evolve. That means constantly adapting to new challenges and making the most of every opportunity.



Make a statement

With Harness, we have the chance to effect real change. So live loud. Be bold. It’s the craziest ideas that change the world – so let’s hear them.



Pushing through

Projects won’t always go according to plan. But no matter what happens, we’re in it together. We’re not defined by our failures; we’re defined by how we push through them.



Own every moment

Our success depends on hundreds of small successes across Harness every day. It’s on each of us to own every moment to bring the vision to life.




Fundamentally, we’re in the business of connecting and empowering people. So whether we’re developing a new product, welcoming visitors or running a workshop, we put people first.

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