How our principles shape our products, and how our products shape a healthier, more sustainable future.

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Social impact

Our mantra has always been that small amounts add up to make a massive impact. We’ve seen it deliver transformative results for nonprofit organizations, and we’ve seen how it’s used by financial institutions to empower their cardholders to reach their financial goals.

  • 1000sNon-Profits in our network

  • MillionsDollars raised for causes

  • BillionsEconomic Impact contributed to the world
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Building trust through better engagement

The true impact we make is the connection we build between our partners and their people. Because whether they’re donating to a cause they believe in or working towards their own financial future, showing appreciation and demonstrating stewardship builds trust – which ultimately leads to valuable long-term contributions.

Simply beautiful tools that work

We design our tools to be used by people. That means they’re intuitive and beautiful. They simply work, and they work simply. And what’s more, they dovetail seamlessly in with the other tools they use every day.

Making progress

With thousands of nonprofit partners and hundreds of millions of dollars raised in donations, we’re tremendously proud of the impact we’ve made so far. And we’re only getting started.
Going forward, we’ll continue to leverage the ever-increasing subscription economy to drive better sustainability for our partners.
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