Driving card spend by making each payment meaningful

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Today more than ever, buyers prioritize environmental and social concerns in their spending. In fact, 42% of people interviewed say they’ve adjusted how they spend based on social, economic or environmental impact.

With Donations, you empower your cardholders to donate easily to their favorite nonprofits.


Making your card the one they reach for

By adding a donation to each payment your cardholder makes, each payment becomes more meaningful for your cardholders. And because they feel better about each swipe, they do it more – with your card.


Let your cardholders control their giving

Each of your cardholders’ financial situations is unique. To cater to a broad spectrum of needs, your cardholders can customize their Donations – either through a Donations integration in your website or app or a dedicated white-labeled webpage.


Cardholders can program their card to:

1. Donate a percentage of each transaction they make

2. Donate a fixed amount of money each time they swipe

3. Round-up their payments to the nearest dollar

4. Set monthly limits to control their donations


Demonstrate real-world impact

Having a clearer understanding of the real-world change their donation makes for their nonprofit can encourage cardholders to give more. By adding Impact Donations to Donations, you can make it more meaningful for your cardholders by showing them the tangible results they can contribute to – instead of an abstract dollar amount.

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