Encouraging spend with 50/50 fundraising

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Prize-Linked Giving builds richer customer relationships with your cardholders by creating moments of delight when they support their favorite nonprofit organization, helping incentivize spend. With every donation – whether it’s to a charity, local park, school or other nonprofit – your cardholders get the chance to win one of thousands of prizes.


Small change leads to big change

Unlike traditional rewards systems, Prize-Linked Giving is entirely funded by cardholders, so there are no additional costs for you. Once they’re enrolled, 50% of every cardholder’s contribution goes directly to the charity; the other 50% is contributed to the prize pool.


Fundraising where everyone wins

Prize-Linked Giving drives positive outcomes across the value chain, from your financial institution to your cardholders, through to the nonprofits they support. Regardless of whether your cardholders win prizes, they’ve contributed to a cause they care about, which empowers nonprofit to do more. And because you’re facilitating these transactions, you build a closer relationship with your cardholders.

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